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Mattress Firm: Sales Tracking
In my freetime I wrote a program to track sales at my employer, Mattress Firm. There are several components. First, a small Java app extracts tickets from ancient Microsoft Access 2.0 databases located in 12 stores. The software then syncs them into a central MySQL database. Using PHP, I am able to track and graph sales, gross, profit margin, as well as other statistical information such as number of sales and ticket average. Stats can be projected as a function of salesperson or store for any given time period.

Visualizing Peer-to-Peer Networks
My Senior Capstone Design Project at Georgia Tech, which I completed with a team of four. Our customer was Dr. Brian Cooper and our advisor was Professor Bob Waters. The premise was to draw an animated graph of a peer-to-peer network which evolved over time. This was especially challenging because drawing an arbitrary graph to be human readable is a difficult problem. Technically this could be considered an NP-Complete problem, but as long as you know some basic properties of the graph layout (and there aren't too many nodes) it is possible to do. We chose to implement a radial layout since that makes it easy to see which nodes have many connections and which nodes are outliers at the bottom of the tree. The disadvantage is that you have to focus on one node to look at in depth at any given time, but it still looks really neat. The Java applet also gathers statistics about how much bandwidth has been transferred through the p2p network.

Race Cars (3D Graphics)
This was a fun project in my 3D graphics class at Georgia Tech taught by Professor Jarek Rossignac. The entire project was written with Processing, which uses Java along with their own 3D graphics API that makes drawing primitives super easy. The objective was to make a race track from a polygon interpolated into a b-spline curve. Then racecars were put on the track and raced against each other. Eventually it turned into a Human vs. Computer type game. Pictures and video can be found at the project website.

Crowd Modeling (3D Graphics)
Another project in my 3D graphics class. I built a 3D stereolithography model in IronCAD and imported that into processing (a Java drawing API) to make them interact. Time was limited on this project so all the models really do is walk around in a room randomly and bump into each other. Pictures and video can be found at the project website.

Sunset Experiment
I spent a lot of time on this project in my astronomy class taught by Dr. James Sowell. The concept is simple and would make a great secondary school science project. The purpose is to find the amount and rate of change of the Sun's position at the time of sunset throughout the year. I took many trips to the top of the Georgia Tech Hotel parking garage to gather photographs. I eventually stitched the pictures together into panoramas and made a cool looking animation that showed each observed sunset over the semester. Read my in-depth report.

Almost Smart
This has been my pet project since the year 2000. I started this website with some high school friends. Back then it was called an "everything / nothing" site until someone invented the word "blog". When the forums were introduced membership grew to over 3000. Initially this site was primarily dealing with music and blog postings, but has branched off into other topics. The forum backend is vBulletin but I've written lots of PHP code to handle the main page. The webcam portal is especially popular. I've integrated it with the forum so people can make comments.

Grandview PTCO
I initially came up with this design in hopes it would be used for the main website of Grandview High School. Instead it found a home when their PTCO asked me to do this website for them.

Greg Postles & Greg's Oscar Poll
This is the largest personal website I've ever done for someone. It has 20 in depth sections and over 6,000 files to manage. Greg Postles hires his own graphic designer to do the images, and I do all the coding. Every year he invites hundreds of people to his Golf Invitational in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The Oscar Poll is another project of his that I am particularly proud of. It is a contest where people vote on who will win all of the Oscars at the Academy Awards. He used to have all of the votes sent to his email with a CGI form script, and hired someone to spend weeks tabulating the data by hand. With 100 people voting, 24 categories, and 2 choices each (along with some additional data), that is almost 5000 data points to count. I wrote some simple PHP code with a MySQL backend to count all the votes. Every year I enter the winners as they are announced live at the ceremony and people can see who is winning the contest in real time as the software tabulates all the data.

What's Playing at Georgia Tech
This is a project I did in a database class taught by Dr. Brian Cooper. It's a simple example of how MySQL can be used to do interesting things with a database of artists, albums, and songs. All of my teammates were Industrial Engineers so I did all of the development. Industrial Engineers are definitely good at writing documentation though...

Georgia Tech Drumline
This was a volunteer job for the Georgia Tech Drumline. The design is modeled after the one here.

Houston Self Storage
I was commissioned to do six Self Storage websites for a business owner. These businesses can be found all over Houston, TX.

River Park Centre Office Condominiums
This was for the same person as the Self Storage websites. He builds office condominiums and sells them in the Houston, Texas area.

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